November 6, 2017

Why is Software Testing Critical to the Software Development Process

Today, we will try to answer a question that vexes a few of our clients at the outset, viz., why software testing services are necessary and form a critical part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

To do so, you have to first understand the nature of software development.

All software that you see around you, from your mobile phone to the web page where you are reading this post, are a series of codes written in a certain order to run a particular program. This program provides the result you see on the screen after the codes work in the background to process your request. Though we have oversimplified the process somewhat, this is still the basic modus operandi of all software.

Now, let us take a step back.

As we mentioned, a software is the result of a series of codes written in a specific coding language. These codes are quite simple and usually use English alphabet and numeric characters, punctuations and a certain structure to create a line of code. Each of the characters and punctuations operates in a particular way and has specific rules of use. Just like you cannot use a comma in place of a full stop in the English language, similar rules exist in each coding language.

This is where the problem starts. The trouble lies not in the code but in their numbers. A simple program will consist of hundreds of lines and a complex one of millions. If you imagine each line to have 10 characters or punctuation symbols on an average, this means at least a thousand ‘words’ for even the simplest of programs.

And a small miss in the coding can cause the program to fail. In some cases, the program may not work because of some different reason even though there are no problems with the code.

This is why software testing is important in coding. Software tests help point out errors and find the reason for a program not running like it is supposed to. A software testing company will use a range of automated tools and manual checks to identify problems and fix them.

Let us now quickly touch upon the second reason why software testing is critical to the software development process.

When a client employs a software development company, it expects results. Having spent a considerable amount of money, it does not expect the program to fail. The only way these client expectations can be met is by ensuring that the program is thoroughly tested and works as it is intended to do.

Software testing checks the program for problems under normal working conditions and under pressure situations. Software programs that pass these tests can be vouched for as reliable products. This allows the client to get a dependable solution that offers high ROI and helps the business run better.

So these, in brief, are the reasons why software testing is critical to the software development process.

If you are wondering how to get your software product tested, give us a call or send an email and we will help test your software. We also develop software solutions, in case you were wondering and can take care of both development and testing for you.