Document Composition Services

Acuminous offers end-to-end document composition services for you to communicate more effectively to your customers, investors, partners, vendors and other stakeholders. Our team of experienced professionals take care of both design and production and ensure your message is communicated exactly as required.

Our Document Development and Testing Services

Our solutions help you take care of document design and development, maintenance and updates, testing and even migration from legacy composition packages.

Document Design and Development Services

Our document development services comprise of both design and production services. Our people are experts in creating transactional and non-transactional documents and can effectively use text, color palettes and the blank space to create documents that are easy to peruse, understand and in case of transactional documents, fill-up and submit.

The focus on platform compatibility of the output and seamless running on all devices and screens ensures all information renders consistently, including colors, fonts, pagination and the user interface. You can use our services to meet all Customer Communications Management (CCM) needs including variable data printing.

We have expertise in the various Document Composition products, including:

  • OpenText Exstream (formerly HP Exstream Dialogue)
  • OpenText xPression (formerly EMC Document Sciences xPression)
  • Quadient Inspire (formerly GMC Inspire)
  • Pitney Bowes EngageOne

Document Maintenance and Update Services

Design and development of a communication document is only the first part of the process. Customer Communications Management (CCM) does not end after installation and deployment. Maintenance and updates form a substantial part of the document lifecycle.

Acuminous offers you unified single-source composition capabilities that ensure the document is updated and every single change is reflected in all related documents without any data misses. Each revision comes with specific codes and version control that allow you to check the changes across the entirety of the document’s lifecycle.

Our single-source composition work process reduces errors and minimizes the overall time required to update documents. This, in turn, reduces overall costs for maintenance and updates.

Document Testing Services

A significant aspect of document composition services is document testing. This is required after the document is first developed and after every subsequent update. Acuminous provides testing services that ensure that there are no errors and all changes to the Customer Communications documents meet the high quality standards of your organization.

Our testers use a combination of automated tools (like STREAMdiff) and detailed step-by-step process-oriented manual verification to ensure that only the expected changes have been introduced.

Document Migration Services

One of the vital aspects of document composition services is migrating from legacy composition packages. It is a tedious, time consuming and error-prone process and needs substantial expertise to ensure the final document reflects the data accurately and is free from errors.

At Acuminous, we offer you affordable migration paths to move your existing legacy packages to newer composition packages. Our methodology-driven process ensures your documents depict the correct data. A step-by-step checklist further eliminates any unforeseen errors that may have been crept in due to data omission.

Acuminous’ document migration services can become the keystone for your document management system. Our expertise in software development also allows us to develop cloud- or server-based platforms for all your enterprise content management needs.

Why Acuminous
  • End-to-end services including design and development, maintenance and update, migration, and testing, minimizes costs and time spent, and reduces errors
  • An experienced team of designers, typesetters, proofreaders and SMEs who are minutely aware of all industry guidelines and requirements, including SEC, EDGAR and other specifications
  • All work is done in a single site, ensuring no errors occur due to miscommunication or omission, whether due to language, process issues or otherwise
  • Ability to deal with financial documents, investor documents, forms, mails, as well as invoices and bills of any size and complexity
  • Expertise in OpenText Exstream (formerly HP Exstream Dialogue), OpenText xPression (formerly EMC Document Sciences xPression), Quadient Inspire (formerly GMC Inspire) and Pitney Bowes EngageOne
  • Expertise in various input formats including text, CSV, XML, HTML5 and databases, as well as different output formats including PDF, HTML5, PostScript and AFP
  • Additional software and IT expertise to provide comprehensive document management systems
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