About DocStar

Founded in 1994, DocStar, a division of Astria Solutions Group, LLC, is an innovative Software company that provides collaborative Content Management solutions to streamline business processes for organizations of any size. 

DocStar’s Document Management Software, available either on-premises or as a cloud hosted service in the SaaS model (Software as a Service), allows enterprises to gain control over documents, improve retention and increase efficiency. DocStar integrates with third party business applications to improve effectiveness with core systems. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance and the company’s customer support organization is consistently recognized for its quality and responsive level of service.


Acuminous provides development, maintenance and testing services to docStar for their products. The client-side application is developed in C# and WPF and is used to import documents from the client machine to the server. Acuminous is working with DocStar on a resource based model with a team of developers and testers.

Cloud and On-Premises (Private Cloud) Solution

DocStar eclipse is the revolutionary cloud document management software that’s built for the web and delivers deployment choice. Customers can install eclipse on their hardware or use DocStar’s hosted service. The same software, the same user experience, the same great results. Eclipse supports all popular browsers and mobile devices delivering access anytime, anywhere. 

When deployed on DocStar’s hosted service, customers can enjoy the benefits of very low overhead and minimal startup investment, easy access via a web browser and the security of a redundant, disaster-proof data center. There is no specialized hardware to manage and there is no up-front capital investment. Although designed using robust enterprise architecture, eclipse is flexible and affordable to meet the needs of a small office or enterprise environments.


The DocStar eclipse platform provides Data Capture and Workflow capabilities that is available both on a hosted or local environment. It is available through the web and also from mobile environments. This application is developed in ASP.NET, MVC4, and backbone.js, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery. The application uses Web Services written in WCF with a dapper framework which is interacting with SQL server 2012.

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