CDP Communications

About CDP Communications

CDP Communications Inc. ( provides software that enables print data stream transformations, secures the archival/retrieval of print documents, and compares print data stream files, in a fraction of the time that a manual process would take.

The company is in the areas of:

  • HVTO (High volume transactional output) printing and print avoidance
  • Electronic Content Management 
  • Document Composition

CDP has specialized in developing printing software solutions for Independent Software Vendors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Service Bureaus, and Developers since 1984 and it has continually evolved its software and added to its catalog to support the ever-increasing demands for printing and information solutions. 


Acuminous provides development, maintenance, and testing services to CDP for its four products – ADEPT Suite, STREAMdiff, DOCdiff and DOCUflow


CDP needed a low cost and effective solution for increasing their development and testing team. Finding the right team was difficult for the product’s niche market. CDP needed to find a development and testing partner to provide a full solution based on changing requirements. Moreover, for development, we required VC++ skills, which are rare and difficult to find.


Acuminous provides development and testing services for four of CDP’s products:

  1. ADEPT Suite
  2. STREAMdiff
  3. DOCdiff
  4. DOCUflow

Acuminous was able to ramp-up quickly and provide high-quality development and Testing services for CDP. Acuminous’ agile approach allowed CDP to provide informal requirement specifications. Acuminous became more of an innovation team than just an outsourcing center.

Acuminous looks for long term relationships, like CDP’s which is more than 4 years. Acuminous has now become an extension of CDP’s in house development team.

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