September 15, 2017

Why You Need a School ERP Software for Better School Management

Over the course of the last few months, many schools have asked us about our ERP Software for School Management, trying to understand how it can help them. We understand the nature of these questions, as in most schools in India and even in other countries, ledgers and registers backed by a simple accounting software seem to be the normal systems that are in place and considered more than adequate to run a school.

Nothing can be further from the truth as we tell our customers, and in this post we look at why a School ERP Software is critical to a school (even more for a chain of schools) to develop and maintain its lead in the market.

Overall Management

A school ERP software streamlines operations like never before. For instance, our school ERP solution is an online School Management System, which you can access and use from anywhere, even your smartphone! Everything from parents personal details, child’s personal details, timetables, class and exam schedules to everyday homework and assessments, hostel and library management, payroll and leave management, student management and even parent-teacher meetings can be managed from a single system with a few clicks of a button. Whether it is one school or a chain of schools, one child or multiple children studying in a single school, all can be managed from a single window. Most school management solutions will provide you these options to make your management easier.

Fully Customisable

Each aspect of the best ERP software and Mobile App can be customised to suit a particular school. This means that the establishment gets everything just as they wanted it. An experienced ERP Software Development Company will know the requirements faced by different institutions and like us will have designed a solution that can be scaled up or down to suit your needs.

Giving Teachers the Power to Teach Better

A well-designed and easy to use school ERP software can make the teacher’s work easier, allowing them to spend time on more important tasks of nurturing and helping the students reach their full potential. Teachers can use the software to design class schedules, syllabuses, assign individualised homework, keep a tab on student performances, and even communicate with parents.

Besides, they are able to see all targets or goals assigned to them individually or collectively by the school management and make practical plans to achieve them. The ERP school management software frees the teachers from time-consuming non-productive activities and helps them focus instead on work that is more important.

Keeping Parents Informed and Updated

These days, parents want to be involved in their child’s development. They want to have a constant communication and interaction medium with teachers and school to know about not only their child’s academic performance but also school activities in general. By simply opening a school ERP Software or Mobile App, parents can interact with teachers and management, check the fees paid and due, check the examination schedule and marks, timetable, the activities the school is planning and has conducted, etc. Moreover, school can communicate alerts, information or updates related to holidays, events instantly via SMS and in-built messaging system of the ERP solution and Mobile App.

A software also enables teachers to share comments on specific student actions, communicate with them one-on-one via SMS or the inbuilt messaging system, and share news and information relevant to students, resulting in the kind of personalised attention to a student that is key to their success. For example, the student’s marks can also be recorded in our School Management Software. This recorded data can be retrieved as and when required with many reporting structures. One can do lot of analysis based on these data and know about patterns, trends and areas of improvements. One can analyse how a student is performing in a subject compared to the class average. And in turn, this data can be compared with the standard average.

Safeguarding the Children

With news coming in every day of some mishap or the other, parents in India are a worried lot. The onus is suddenly on schools to have a safe environment with foolproof safety measures and constant monitoring and tracking of premises and staff. Managing or trying to control hundreds of schoolchildren is a thankless and a nearly impossible job if done manually. But this is possible through devices/tools and technology. CCTV cameras, GPS, Biometric and RFID devices can be integrated with good ERP Software and Mobile App making it an effective way to monitor and track school premises and staff. Parents are always aware of what their children are doing or where they are at any point of time as alerts are constantly sent to smartphones. By installing a GPS tracker in the software that works with a tag the child wears on his clothes is a good way to ensure that the children are where they ought to be and not missing classes. From being able to check absenteeism to knowing where the child is on the premises to even alerting the parents that the child has reached home, the best ERP software in the market can take care of all oversight needed to keep the children safe and secure.

Managing Huge School Data

We deal in huge amount of data on a daily basis. The data is converted to information, which ultimately leads to knowledge. Data is significant in any business and enables decision-making. The education system is not excluded from this. Whether it is a school, college or a university, there is ample amount of data like student details, admission details, fee details etc. This high volume of data throws challenges to the people who are involved in its administration. This is where an ERP Software can be helpful.

The ERP Software enables capturing of the data as per type and has an in-built intelligence to analyse the data and create meaningful information out of it. This can be used by the management, teachers, staff and parents as per its relevance to their requirements. For example, when prospective parents approach a school for the first time for information related to admission, usually forms are filled to capture details about the parents and the child. Subsequently, entrance exams and follow-ups are done until the admission process is complete. If done manually, this is cumbersome and involves significant manpower and detailing. An ERP Software makes this easy and mistake proof. All details related to parents can be entered into the ERP Software. The system throws alerts for follow-ups on leads, entrance exam is done online with immediate results, personal details of parents and child once entered into the system at the time of inquiry can be re-used during admissions resulting in quick admissions, etc. with the better solutions in the market.