November 25, 2017

Why Gyms Are Choosing Our Software?

Like all companies, we have various reasons to tell anyone who listens why our products should be used by businesses. However, it does help if our customers themselves list down why they like our products and consider it a very good investment. Over the years, we have had various customers come back to us on why they keep choosing us, year after year.

In this post, we list down a few reasons why our customers use our gym management software.

Takes care of everything

One of the things our customers love about the software is that it takes care of everything from scheduling of classes, students and teachers to helping map out exercise regimen for each category of users and from managing the billing and invoices to taking care of the gym’s entire financial management. We have received particular praise for the ERP’s modular structure that lets gyms add features to their solution by a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Streamlines operations

We have been told that the software helps streamline operations. Each member of the staff can see how their department is functioning and what else needs to be done even in interrelated departments. Let us illustrate with an example. Suppose the trainers need more yoga mats. They request for a new batch with the management who forward it to the purchasing department who place the order. Each party to the process: the trainers, the management and the purchase department can then see the status of the request. In case any modifications have to be made, then they can do so without any problem. Such clarity helps gyms, especially larger ones or chains, manage their operations more smoothly and efficiently that what would have been otherwise possible.

Maximises revenues

Our customers are quite happy with the built-in gym CRM software of the ERP solution. With this feature, tracking customers, their memberships, their schedules and fitness programmes suddenly become quite easy. The staff can easily send a notification of fees due or diet plan to follow to a customer. The customer care team can inform trainers and dieticians of the membership packages the customer has opted for. This knowledge helps the staff get the person on the most suitable programme, maximising the ROI for the gym’s customer as well as for the fitness centre. The customer also gets to see all these details right from their app, making them more involved in their programme. This increases customer loyalty significantly.

Online and access on-the-go

Another thing our customers like is that the online gym management software is available 24/7. This means that the management, staff or the customer can access the records whenever they want. The trainers and customers who come in the morning or evening do not need to wait or come early to talk to the reception or finance team and get their details. Everything is available right on the app.

Other features such as historical records and customisation options for each user make our solution a hit not only with our business clients but also with their customers.