November 20, 2017

A Brief Intro to Our Biggest Selling ERP Products for Your Reference

This blog is more in the nature of a quick overview that you may want to refer to if you are looking for our ERP solutions. We have listed a few of the different ERP products we have and given a quick summary of each one’s USP. Do note that each of these can be customised to the extent you want to suit your specific requirements.

Education Management Software (School, College and Campus Management Solution)

The education management software is primarily geared for the Indian market and helps school and college administrators take care of all aspects of their institution and its campus management. From class scheduling to monitoring student performance, from revenue management to vendor invoicing, this one software can handle each and every aspect of your operations, except perhaps teaching your students!

The software is built on a modular format and offers user interfaces for all stakeholders – management, administrators, clerical staff, teachers and parents. Each category of user sees the information and reports they need, thereby ensuring data security and sanctity.

More details of school ERP software can be read here in our posts dated September 15, 2017 and October 30, 2017.

Gym Management Software (for Single Gyms or Chain of Gyms)

Our gym management solution is available for the worldwide market and is an asset for all fitness centres, specifically those looking to expand their customer base or streamline operations. Everything from classes to diet, from billing to inventory management can be managed easily right from your desktop or mobile.

The customer-friendly user interface, a common feature for all our ERP solutions, allows your staff to easily manage the data and pull out relevant reports. The focus on giving your customers a range of options to manage their exercise regimen makes our gym management software an asset for every gym that focuses on giving the best to its customers.

Fleet Management Software (for Car Rental Agencies or Trucking Fleets)

The fleet management software is ideal for self-drive or chauffeur drive companies, taxi operators, cab companes, limo rental agencies, in other words, all car rental companies engaged in commercial car rental services. The solution can be easily customised for trucking fleet operators, logistics companies and courier services, as it allows the management to check the status of vehicles, their location, traffic stats, billing, etc. right from their mobile phone.

In addition to these ERP solutions, we also offer HR management software, CRM solutions, content management software, billing management system, document management systems, etc.

We also offer software development and testing services, app development services, document composition services (for the US and Canada markets), website development and IT support services. Our skills and focus on deliverables ensure that we are quite a capable ERP software development company in India if you are looking for cutting-edge solutions.