Software Development and Testing Solutions


We develop efficient and cost-effective Software Applications (Web, Mobile, and Desktop) across multiple platforms. A modular development structure allows us to create solutions within a short time.

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Test Driven development process ensures your products are free of bugs or security loopholes. The stand-alone testing and QA processes check each aspect from UX to data security before approval. 

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We build intelligent apps for all major mobile platforms and devices. From enterprise apps that streamline operations and save money to consumer apps that engage and delight, we build them all. 

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Acuminous Software Solutions

Pan-Industry Development Expertise

We have over the years developed software solutions for a range of sectors and geographies. This has given us an insight into the business cycles of different industries and their workflows.

  • E-Commerce 
  • Banking, NBFC, Insurance
  • Retail, Manufacturing
  • Education, E-Learning
  • Healthcare, Lifestyle, Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Telecom
  • Govt Depts, NGOs
  • Legal
  • Transport, Travel, Tourism
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Software Products that Increase RoI

At Acuminous, we leverage upcoming technologies to make future-proof solutions for our Clients. As this century progresses, we will see new technologies enhancing everything around us. With businesses and organisations still relying on legacy systems that were implemented way back, there is a critical need to embrace intelligent Software products and get a better grip on the future. Our intelligent Software products – ERP, CRMS, Cloud solutions – allow enterprises to be get a significant lead on the competition and win customers more easily and frequently than before.

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Acuminous’ Featured Solutions

Web Design and Development

We use automation and machine learning to design intelligent web solutions that help your customers derive a more personal and engaging user experience. From predictive tools to seamless user journeys, each aspect of our products is designed to help you reach out to the audience more efficiently. Cross-platform solutions ensure your products work across devices without any issues.

Android Apps

We design all types of Android apps for devices including TV, tablets and smartphones. With over 80% of the total mobile market based on this OS, our tailor-made Android apps can help you leverage these numbers for your business. The consumer apps can open new markets for you by increasing your customer base and engaging more consumers. Our enterprise apps help drive more efficiency into your operations.

iOS Apps

Our iOS apps help you reach out to Apple customers. With most iOS devices being used by higher-income individuals who are more often than not key decision makers, they are a customer base you cannot ignore. Our iOS apps help you reach out across geographies and tap this important demographic. We develop, test, deploy and maintain native, web and hybrid apps for your business and retail customers as well as internal use.

Intelligent ERP

Our custom ERP products help you automate necessary processes and integrate their flow with manual systems. The solutions help you reap the benefits of machine learning, enhanced businesses processes,continual product improvement, and differentiated user experience. Our intelligent ERP helps you with data storage and streamlining of work, helping free resources for core activities. 

Internet of Things

Our solutions help organisations leverage the growing popularity of IoT products to quickly build a new customer base or enter new markets. We develop and testIoT software solutions that help our clients change their business paradigms through digital transformation. Our expertise in Edge computing allows us to build fail-proof solutions and help clients gain a considerable lead in the market.

Document Composition

Effective customer relationship management is a key aspect for every business. Our document composition services help companies reach out and engage their customers and stakeholders, and enhance the relationship management process. From surveys to customer feedback, we help streamline the whole process. We also offer Cloud- or server-based document storage and retrieval services.  

Client Testimonial

Company Name: Docstar

Designation: Gregg Laird (VP of Product Management)

Acuminous provided skilled resources that proved to be very dedicated to executing my projects, often putting in long hours and producing high quality work. But at the end of the day, what counts most is the quality of their code.

Company Name: CDP Communications

Designation: Rick Saarimaki (CEO)

The Acuminous team has been incredibly thorough. And the templates and procedures they set up were so helpful that we now base our own QA processes on them. We look forward to a long-term working relationship with Acuminous because they consistently deliver great value and excellence.

Company Name: TARA

Designation: Arjun Dhawan(Technical Manager)

We are happy with the services of Acuminous Software. We have been happy customers and will certainly recommend the services of the young and enthusiastic team at Acuminous to people in our network.

Company Name: Team WorQ Solutions

Designation: Vijay Kapoor (Technical Director)

They use their in-depth understanding of our business to suggest changes that would better meet our needs. This has led to a better overall product, and one that we are very confident in moving forward.

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